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12:56am 06-13-2009
Just wanted to give my huge congrats to Monrovia's own, Angela Ramirez. She was promoted to her Jr. Green Belt. After several months of hard work, patience and perseverance, I decided to "kick" her to her next level at the end of regular class. It has been a long time coming and most definatly deserved!

Good Job Angela!

Maurice Gomez
6:32am 06-08-2009
Yes, the kids did very well at the tournament. I was there watching and helping. The did represent us very well. Great job Mr. Gomez. Keep it up Monrovia MAX Dojo!
4:28am 06-08-2009
Congratulations to all the students that did so well during the the Orange County Martial Arts Open. Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. What a day for M.A.X. Dojo!!!
2:21pm 06-07-2009
Big congrats to all the Monrovia students for their hard work and representing well at the Orange County Martial Arts Open yesterday:

Michael Garcia : 1st place-Self Defense
Victor Duron: 1st place- self defense & 3rd place- weapons & 3rd place- forms
Daniella Duron: 1st place-self defense & 3rd place sparring
Ali Mendiola: 1st place Self Defense & 1st place sparring
Andrew Mendiola: 2nd place-self defense
Angela Ramirez: 1st place-self defense & 2nd place forms
Lassandra Cook: 2nd place -self defense
Sergio Mendiola:3rd place:self defense

Awesome job guys!!!! Made me proud!!
12:46pm 06-05-2009
No worries Eric... very well deserved. Also congrats too Marc in Germany. I know what Chris expects and if you passed his test you definately earned it.
11:19am 06-05-2009
'' Mr Kongaika ''
Thanks for all you done for the homeis !!!!
'' Your homeboy por vida'' It feels good to wear a new belt after 15 years. Thanks Lelie for the push!!!

Eric Torres...
10:10am 06-05-2009
Congrats to our Germany Family for your recent belt promotions! Great job!
10:24pm 06-03-2009
Congrats to Marc Fischer for achieving his new belt!

After a crueling test with lots of sweat and bruises we are very proud of you. Being the only kid amongst a group of adults we are proud that you kept your own and never backed down. That is the attitude we are all striving for. You are now a respected yellow belt and you should be very proud of your achievement.
6:59am 05-07-2009
I have my blue belt and would like to know of any traning dvd's to continue my studies. Thank you.
6:54pm 05-02-2009
Mr. Kongaika -
Great site! I was surfin' and discovered it. I truly enjoyed the videos. Glad to see you. All my best to you and your family.

God Bless,
Scott Hilderbrand
9:20am 04-13-2009
CONGRATS Micheal, Victor & Sergio. Very well done.
1:48pm 04-12-2009
Just wanted to give a huge congrats to those that tested yesterday in Monrovia.

Michael Garcia - Jr 1st degree Brown Belt.
Victor Duron Jr. - Teen 3rd Degree Brown Belt.
Sergio Mendiola - Little Tiger Orange Belt.

Everybody did a fantastic job and their promotions were very well deserved

I'm proud of all of you!!
5:27pm 04-09-2009
Greetings, I was on the internet and did not know this was your website,
very well done, enjoyed the pictures of Ed Parker( in blessed memory).
I pray your family is well and life is full of abundance and love. mrp
12:49am 03-31-2009
Dtaing service? I only see "Hebrew Online"
10:03pm 03-30-2009
Special Congrats to both Paul Kongaika & Julias Suliafu for being awarded "Student of the Month" today...

Way to show your karate skills outside of the studio guys.
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