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9:19pm 06-14-2015
Alex Roland
Dear Mr. Kongaika,
This is Alex from Maxdojo Germany, your former student's (Chris Mueller) student. I don't know if you got my email last month, Sir, so I wanted to tell you that I will be in L.A. with my wife and my baby daughter from the 16th of June till end of June and I would love to come to train at your dojo.
Hoping to hear back from you and looking forward to meeting you. I would be honored, Sir.
Take care,
Kia kaha,
6:16pm 05-24-2015
Mike Pick
Nice website, best to you and your family
12:42pm 05-03-2015
Keiya Tasire
My brother Kurt Booth, a black belt student of Skip Handcock's told me about you and I stopped by to learn more about your gifts and talents. The best to you in your goals and desires to reunite the Kempo Family.

Keiya Tasire
4:33am 07-11-2014
PowerCom ARS
professional dog trainings are expensive specially if you hire those dog trainers that can teach your dogs lots of tricks,,
6:19pm 03-03-2014
Rob Walden
I would like to contact Mr. Kongaika
We studied at the Pasadena School together in the 90's and I
would like to say hello.
I can be contacted @
or at 707-665-5991
Rob Walden
10:47am 10-10-2012
Clyde Fleagle
I'm glad to have had the opportunity to have met you when you were on Delaware, I wish you all the best!
5:47pm 05-08-2012
Dan Kennedy
I hope to be coming to the school real soon.
5:58pm 01-20-2012
Melvin Brewster
Mr. Kongaika,

It was a pleasure to run across your web site & see you are still teaching Kenpo. Your students are blessed to have you as an instructor. Your knowledge of the American Kenpo system and your ability to teach it is outstanding. God Bless You & Your School. One of your ex Pasadena students ; Melvin Brewster
10:22pm 10-04-2011
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRATS to those tested this past Thursday. They all performed great with precision and lots of positive energy. Very proud of their progression and their determination to learn Kenpo. Awesome job!

Alvin Waterhouse - 3rd Brown Belt
Adolfo Reyes - Blue Belt
Brandon Ibanez - Orange Belt
Sergio Solenzaro - Yellow Belt

Thanks to those who came out and sat on the board. And especially those who have helped these students along in their journey.
6:48pm 05-08-2011
Mr. Kongaika
Very proud of the students. They all did very well.
2:34pm 05-08-2011
Larry Splain
Excellent website. Just out surfing and stopped in to say hello.

Larry Splain
3:39pm 05-04-2011
Mr. Kongaika
Looking forward to Jim Willoughby tournament in San Bernardino this Sat. Going to have a good crew representing MAX Dojo that will be doing point sparring and continuous fighting. Going to be a good time!
8:57pm 04-24-2011
Maurice Gomez
Hello MAX Dojo crew....i miss you all.
11:20pm 03-26-2011
Mr. Kongaika
VERY PROUD!! of every one of my students that had competed at Bob Whites Invitational. They all performed excellent and most importantly (to me) was very respectful and displayed the true martial artist in each of them. Forms were sharp and fighting was fierce! It was one tough competition!


Leoni Kongaika - 1st place fighting
Jacob Kongaika - 2nd place fighting
Alec Flanagan - 3rd place fighting
2:45pm 03-22-2011
Mr. Kongaika
Sad news, just got word that Grandmaster Tuiolosega, founder of lima lama just passed away. God be with him and his family.
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