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4:50am 02-19-2009
Wayne Lehano
Mr. Kongaika,
Aloha, my name is Wayne and I'm a good friend of Kip Parker. It's great to find you on the web. I met you a long time ago after Ed Parker's death when you came to Hawaii and attended a tournament in Wahiawa.
I wish you all the success in continuing Ed Parker's legacy. May the Lord bless always.
Mahalo nui,

Wayne Lehano
11:55pm 02-18-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Thank You Mr. Gonzalez for coming out and sharing your knowledge on the FCS system with us. We all had a great time learning the Kali sticks. All the students loved it. It's always a pleasure to see you guys. Also thank your wife and kids for allowing you to take the time while on your family vacation to give us the honor. Hope to see you all real soon.

Pics of the event is already in our photo album.
9:21am 02-08-2009
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRATS!! to those who competed yesterday at the Surf City tournament. It was a very small but stiff competition and the kids that showed up were really good. There was a 7 year old purple belt who was awesome and very disciplined. It gave our kids a great opportunity to see how serious the other kids practice there styles. I'm proud of those who had competed.

Michael Garcia (Monrovia) - 1st Place Self Defense & 3rd Place Sparring
Kaili Kongaika (Diamond Bar) - 2nd Place Sparring & 3RD Place Forms
Paul Kongaika (Diamond Bar) - 2nd Place Sparring & 2nd Place Forms
Juju Suliafu (Diamond Bar) - 2nd Place Forms
Carly Moreno (Santa Clarita) - 2nd Place Sparring

Bob Whites tournament is going to be just as tough. Most the kids that came to this tournament will be going to Bob Whites tournament as well. Lets really buckle down this month and get you guys prepared for the tournament.

Pictures of the tournament are allready on our website.
9:51am 02-04-2009
Are there any records of the Long beach 1983 championships? I placed first in the womens brown belt divsion . Fighting, and Kata, as well as second on the brown and black belt team. Are there any video's? I am in Olympia Wa and would like to either intstuct or join a Kenpo karate school Could you help? Thankyou My Name In Karate was charlotte Riley from Arizona.
11:50am 01-25-2009
Joey Miranda
Hey Mr. Kongaika! Wow u dont know how much I miss Kenpo! Hopefully my dad and I will start to come down again soon! This is the first time I've been to this website since my dad showed me last week and it brings back some old memories! I can't wait to get back to Kenpo!
2:34am 01-12-2009
Chris Mueller
Congratulations to our brothers and sisters in the US!

10:05pm 01-11-2009
Maurice Gomez
Thank you Mr. Rao, Mr. Brett, Mr. Simonian & Mr. Kongaika for being there for me and my students. I really appreciate it!

Alot of positive feedback for our little Demo afterwards Sorry Jay!
8:58pm 01-11-2009
Jay Brett
Great job indeed, Mr. Gomez.
Your students never fail to impress me! They all looked great! Thanks for letting me be a part of it all.
6:34pm 01-10-2009

To those who tested today in Monrovia. Very well done & deserved. Great job Mr. Gomez.

Daniella Duron - Green Belt
Victor Duron Jr. - Green Belt
Christian Duron - Green Belt
Lassandra Cook - Purple Belt
Alejandra Mendiola - Yellow Belt
Andres Mendiola - Yellow Belt
Sergio Mendiola - Yellow Belt
Maurice Gomez Jr. - Yellow Belt

Superb Job!!!
6:34pm 01-10-2009
Edmond!! Whats up bradha!! I always talk about you... Give me a call when u have a chance. It would be nice to see you again. I'll e-mail you.
4:13am 01-09-2009
Mr. Kongaika

I can't believe I finally found you. It has been long time.........I actually pass by the old Pasadena School everyday. By the time I get a chance to visit you, the karate school closed down. I was really upset. Can't forget our time as you have taught me so much. you know who I am? I love to take the class from you. I will come by sometime next week.

Hint: almost 11 years exchange student from China??

Wish you Happy New Year to you & your family
10:09am 12-25-2008
Bruce Wolfe
I want to say Hello and Happy Holidays to the Max Dojo Instructors and familys. I've just joined the Santa Clarita school under Mr. Moreno. One month and it's been a blast the things he has already should me. Would also like to say thanks to my partners in training for beening patient, while I get up to speed in this art. Mr Moreno also teaches my 12yr. old son Joshua and has done a great job with him, can't say enough thanks to you sir. Anyways just wanting to say hello to all look forward to the New Year 2009.
12:27pm 12-23-2008
Jay Brett
To The Max Dojo Family,

Have a safe and happy holiday season! Train hard and train smart.
Hope to see you all in 2009!

Jay and Marina.

P.S. If you get a chance, check out the ode to our teacher, Mr. Kongaika. Even though we all had a chance to say a few words, Mr. Tony M. pretty much hit it right on the "cup check" for all of us. Check out, “Tribute to Mr. Kongaika.”
9:13am 12-21-2008
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRATS to our brothers in Germany. Good to hear the sweat, blood and fire is still living. Great job Mr. Mueller.
4:53am 12-20-2008
Chris Mueller
Congratulations to those that tested yesterday at M.A.XDojo Germany:

Sven Jens Raue - Purple Belt
Marcel Neuhaus - Purple Belt

Lots of power, sweat, blood, and bruises!
They both did a great job!

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