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8:03am 03-21-2011
Mr. Kongaika
Don't forget to register for Bob Whites tournament. Pre-Registration ends this Wednesday.
6:18am 03-16-2011
With facebook taking over the net... I didn't wish you a happy Bday on here! Love you hunny and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
4:36am 03-15-2011
These are good news.
8:10pm 03-12-2011
Mr. Kongaika

I heard from one of the family members that Tino Tuiolosega is in stable condition and is doing better. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

From all of us at MAX Dojo
11:36pm 03-08-2011
Jay Brett
I Just got word from a very upset and concerned Sifu Tallbear that Tino Tuiolosega, the Grand Master of Lima Lama is currently hospitalized with Pneumonia. Our prayers our with Mr. Tuiolosega for a speedy recovery.
1:25pm 02-24-2011
Rick Hughes
Hey Brudda'...
I was just thinking back to January in Westlake Village.
It was so good to see you again and to meet your son...
I want come and visit your school next time I'm in So. Cal...
Well, I guess it will snow hard this weekend so you have a good one in the nice So. Cal sun...
Later Bra.
Always your friend,
9:57pm 02-14-2011
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRAT!!!! To those tested @ Santa Clarita. Great job Mr Moreno & Mrs Stevenson with your students. You should be proud as I am of both you and your students performance.

Carlie Moreno - Pee Wee 1st Black
Alex Broad - Pee Wee 2nd Brown
Hannah Gandara - Pee Wee Orange
Jacob Gandara - Pee Wee Orange
6:33pm 01-04-2011
Mike Pick
Cruising on a info search and your website popped up, nice info, hope all is well with you and your family, mrp
9:03am 12-23-2010
Tom McLaren
I like your web site. Hope all the best for Your Kenpo Family and theirs. Happy Holidays. Tom McLaren
11:13pm 12-22-2010
Mr. Kongaika
All I can say is WOWZERS! The kids really did do a great job today in their test. You cant ask a 4 year old to sit for an hour, no talking or playing and wait for his the older kids to finish their techniques and forms. What a great bunch of kids!

Special thanks to all those that helped with teaching the kids classes and helping with the kids test today. Attached is a picture of them all!

Congrats to:

Jr (ages 10-12, colored belts with black stripe down the middle)
Kaili Kongaika - Jr. Orange
Paul Kongaika - Jr. orange
Alec Flanagan - Jr. Orange
Leoni Kongaika - Jr. Orange
Paris Munoz - Jr. Yellow

Pee Wee (ages 6-9, colored belts with white stripe down the middle)
Jacob Hayes - PW 1st Brown
Julious Suliafu - PW 1st Brown
Rowland Suliafu - PW 1st Brown
Raymond Hernandez - PW 2nd Brown
Joshua Tajada - PW Green Belt
Maya Reyes - PW Purple Belt
Vanila Suliafu - PW Purple Belt
Billy Hayes - PW Orange Belt
Anika Flanagan - PW Orange Belt
Sioeli Kongaika - PW Orange Belt
Douglas Kongaika - PW Orange Belt
Jacob Kongaika - PW Orange Belt
Kayla Tamura - PW Yellow Belt
Sarah Tajada - PW Yellow Belt

Tigers (ages 4-5, colored belts with white stripe down the middle)
Kyle Tamura - Tiger Yellow Belt
Ian Reyes - Tiger Yellow Belt
Helaman Mateni - Tiger Yellow Belt
Seneti Suliafu - Tiger Yellow Belt

Hopefully this pic isnt to big for this message board and cuts kids out.

11:53am 12-21-2010
Chris Mueller
Congrats to all that tested last weekend!!

I know how demanding Mr. Kongaika can be, thus, you can be very proud of receiving your belt from him. I know I am!!!!

Wishing you all the best, a merry christmas and a happy new year.

Greetings to all members of the M.A.X. Dojo Ohana!!!
12:11pm 12-19-2010
Mr. Kongaika

To those who tested last night. It was a long and grueling test but they performed extremely well and did what they do best, HIT!

Vladimir Svorobovic – 3rd Degree Brown Belt
Adolofo Reyes - Purple Belt
Seni Kongaika - Orange Belt
Alex Dunn – Orange Belt
Joey Stewart – Orange Belt
Keith Yount – Teen Orange Belt
8:14am 11-09-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Great work out session in Santa Clarita MAX Dojo. Congrats to Consuelo for achieving her Brown Belt. Looking good out there Mr. Moreno and Mrs. Stephenson.
9:21am 11-05-2010
Gary Wilson
I am always Amazed at the knowledge and wisdom of your site.
Keep up the good work. I am now running my school full time.
So hope to get up your way soon.
Ever need anything give me a call.
Your Kenpo Brother,
Gary Wilson
American Family Kenpo Karate
San Diego, Ca
10:01pm 10-20-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Fight Night at Chino was great. It's always good to be able to get together with other studios and have the students be able to fight each other and learn from one another. All the students did really well tonight. The important thing is the lesson that you take home with you so you can improve on at least one thing. Keep up the respectful and humble attitude of learning my grasshoppers and you will see your abilities out perform the prideful one.
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