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1:10am 07-03-2010
M.A.X. Germany
Congrats to

Michael - 1st Brown
Sven - Blue

Regardless of the high temperatures you guys performed with intensity, spirit and lots of power. It was a feast to watch and I am very proud of you. Keep it up!!!
3:53pm 06-25-2010
maurice gomez
no worries Edmund, i understand. I hope you're feeling better. see you soon

Goodluck everybody on your belt test!
12:27pm 06-25-2010
Hi Mr. Gomez.

Sorry I didn't make it. I got serious stomach flue right after my bar exam.

I do feel much better today and I guess I will be back on track by Monday.

I am dying to see you guys on Monday, Wednesday & Thursday.

I wish everyone best of luck for tomorrow's Belt Test!
7:51am 06-10-2010
Edmund, you're always more than welcome. You know that! See you there.
7:17pm 06-08-2010
Edmond Wong
Interesting article. It is never just Martial Art, It happens to be everywhere and to everyone around us. It depneds on your mind set, your passion of to achieve your goal.

Can't wait to come back in 2 weeks! I will see you guys 6/23.

Mr. Gomez, I will try to be at your place on 6/24 night if you don't mind.

Too much law in my head, need to recharge some brain cell via Kenpo
5:49am 06-01-2010
Chris Mueller
Congrats to all that tested!

It seems at if it was yesterday that I saw Paul and Keili hitting the mats for the first!!! Time sure flies.

Best wishes to all!
11:13pm 05-26-2010
Mr. Kongaika

Kaili Kongaika - PW Black Belt
Paul Kongaika - PW Black Belt
Jacob Hayes - PW 2nd Brown Belt
Raymond Hernandez - PW 3rd Brown Belt
Mathew Jones - PW Green Belt
Vanila Pulu Suliafu - PW Orange Belt
Alec Flanagan - JR Yellow Belt
Anika Flanaga - PW Yellow Belt
Noni Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Sioeli Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Douglas Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt
Jacob Kongaika - PW Yellow Belt

Great enthusiasm and good hard core fighting. The 3 vs 1 fighting was intense!
2:01pm 05-19-2010
Last night's kata showdown was tons of fun! All the kids came out strong and with lots of confidence! They all did a great job. Thanks for all the support especially from the parents and adult students!!!!
8:13am 05-19-2010
Maurice Gomez
Good Job MAX Dojo Students! Way to represent
10:52pm 05-18-2010
Mr. Kongaika

MAX Dojo students that competed at the "Kata Show Down" did an awesome job! I was very proud of everyone of them. All the judges were very impressed with all of the students and their performances. Below were some of the comments made.

William - Performed Long 2 and did a good job. Nearly no mistakes with loud kia's, strong and hard moves.

Kaili - Started off strong but had some memory relaps, but none the less she was able to pull through it.

Paul - Was the star of his team winning his round against some older students.

Juju - Had impressed the aduence and judges with his hard, focused , and loud kia's.

Rowrow - Surprised us all by performing his short form 3 hard and fast.

Raymond - Gained the favor of the judges and performed a flawless short form 2

Alec - Did an awesome job, performed his form with perfection and kia'd very load.

Anika - Was her cute little self who did a great job and performed very strong.

Douglas - Had competed with strong blocks and loud kia's.

Sioeli - was very impressive who woke the audience up with his very loud and strong form.

Kope - Woke up from a nap, got up and did his form like he's been awake the whole time.

Va - was nicked named "Smiley" because as she was kiaing and doing her form she smiled the whole time.
8:40am 05-06-2010
Maurice Gomez
Hey Everyone.....just wanted to let you all know that the new Photo Gallery is up and running. I'll add more albums shortly but please take a look at it and let me know what you think.

9:31pm 05-05-2010
Maurice Gomez
Hey everyone, after several requests, I have decided to upload my 1st Degree black belt thesis for all of you to hopefully read and maybe enjoy. This thesis was submitted to Mr. Kongaika on the day of my black belt test in 2008

happy reading

Maurice Gomez
9:27am 04-30-2010
Maurice Gomez
Hey guys, just wanted to let everybody know that the new enhancements to the website are almost completed. We will be adding Facebook technology as well as links to our fan site, a new and improved Photo Gallery as well as visual enhancements throughout the site. I'm looking forward to the rollout soon so keep your eyes open and check back often
4:33am 04-27-2010
Chris Mueller
Best wishes to all from Germany! Hopefully we meet soon!!!
5:57am 04-07-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Yes! Thank you Edmond for reminding me. A huge congratulations to:

Edmond Wong - 3rd Brown
Steven Resell - Green Belt
Alvin Waterhouse - Blue Belt
Lesley Kongaika - Blue Belt
Phil Smith - Yellow Belt
Seni Kongaika - Yellow Belt

fast and hard hitting group. Lots of Kenpo spirit!
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