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4:29pm 04-06-2010
Mr. Gomez! Hope you can come to class some time at DB.

Congrate to those who tested with me. Alvin & Stephen are unbelievable!

Gota love my Black Uniform!
12:03am 03-24-2010
Maurice Gomez
Just wanted to give a huge congrats to Monrovia's own, Lassandra Cook for her promotion to Jr. Blue belt today. It's been a long time coming. But with hard work, patience and perseverance, it finally paid off as I kicked her into her next rank. She definitely deserved it. Good Job Lassandra!
8:00am 03-15-2010
Maurice Gomez
Just wanted to give a huge congrats to all the MAX Dojo students who competed this past weekend at Bob White's Invitational. The energy was high and the you all showed great courage with an awesome fighting spirit. I was so proud of all of you! Job well done!
7:59am 03-15-2010
maurice a. gomez
7:27am 03-12-2010
Maurice Gomez
7:01am 02-25-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Funny! Well CONGRATS for the near future!
6:31am 02-25-2010
Little misunderstanding... meant to say that we, here in Germany, congratulate our bros and sis in the US on their latest test. But, as we are having a belt exam in the near future...

Ugh, those "English as a second language" dudes...causing a bunch of confusion
3:56pm 02-24-2010
Maurice Gomez
Congrats my German brothers and sisters!
10:45am 02-24-2010
CONGRATS German Dudes!!
9:16am 02-24-2010
Tom McLaren
Thank you for having a great website to visit and gather information about the art of American Kenpo. It is greatly appreshated and I use the information to further my understanding of the art. thank you again for all that you do for the art. Tom McLaren 3 que brown belt.
4:52am 02-11-2010
M.A.X. Dojo Germany
CONGRATS to all that tested from the German branch of the M.A.X. Dojo family, and a warm welcome to the new members of our Kenpo family!!!

--The German Dudes
11:24pm 02-10-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Congrats to those who tested in Santa Clarita.

Pam - Purple
Bruce - Orange
Francis - Yellow
Carley - 3rd Brown
Consuelo Gomez - Purple
Alex - Blue
Zachary - Yellow
Eric - Orange

Great Job and I love the intensity and spirit of contact. No ill feelings about getting hit. You guys are great.
7:24am 02-08-2010
Hi Folks!
Just wanted to sent our regards from Germany.

The German M.A.X. Family
6:07am 01-29-2010
Hey guys...It's a new year and a lot of us have not been training. I just wanted to make sure that some of you knew that we have testing in March and February in a short month!
1:31pm 01-28-2010
Tim Soliz
Mr. Gomez,

It was a pleasure meeting you at the LA tournament this past weekend. It was very nice of you to sit and discuss a few things with me. I also wanted to say congrats on your wins. I watched your fights in the sparring, brutal stuff sir, you're a beast!

Thank you again!

Full Salute,
Timothy Soliz
Calabassas Kenpo
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