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8:59am 08-11-2009
Mr. Kongaika

Consuelo Gomez – Pee Wee Orange

Quinn Hild – Pee Wee Orange

Alex Broad – Pee Wee Purple

Great job guys!
8:24am 08-11-2009
Santa Clarita was off the SHIZZIAN! Thanks guys for such a great time. I thinkl you guys did very well so keep up the hard work. The school is looking good and coming along.

Pam, great job on the kids. Special CONGRATS to those that were promoted to their next rank. Also Carly & Josh are looking really good. ALWAYS! ALWAYS! Remember the basics knees bent, back straight, yada, yada, yada.

Mr. Moreno & Mr. Molina keep up the great work done. The place is looking great.

And last but not least CONGRATS to Mr. Hector Mendiola from the Monrovia MAX Dojo. Great job done on your new rank. I know for a fact that Mr. Gomez was real pleased.

11:55pm 08-09-2009
Congratulations to Hector Mendiola in Monrovia for his promotion to Yellow Belt. "Enjoy the journey!!!"

Best from the German M.A.X. Family
10:20am 08-05-2009
maurice gomez
I wanted to give a BIG congrats to Hector Mendiola in Monrovia. He was promoted to Yellow Belt. He was very impressive, sharp & crisp. It was a well deserved anxious to see how he develops over the years, this guy is awesome. Good Job

Maurice Gomez
9:10am 08-04-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Thanks to those who helped in performing a great demo last night.
10:54pm 07-30-2009
Rick Forrest
I am with you. Mr. William L. Kongaika. I to have a new dojo in Baja, Ca. (Baja Kenpo ) And going by the book. Love your web page, hope to have one as good one day. If there is any thing I can do for you let me know. If there is some thing you wish to add to my Knowledge In kenpo please fell free to.
Thank You
Rick Forrest
3rd Degree Black Belt
12:00am 07-17-2009
M.A.X.Dojo Germany
Greetings to our Brothers and Sisters in California and all over the world!!
Keep the flame burning!!!

M.A.X.Dojo Germany
5:31pm 07-01-2009
Sid Molina
It was a pleasure meeting you ,I'm looking forward to working with you in the near future,Thanks Again. Sifu Sid Molina of Sid's Mixed Martial Arts.
11:09am 07-01-2009
Lee Brown
your site has a lot of information that i have been looking for for the best 6yrs. I am a black belt in American Kenpo Karate, for going on 13 yrs. Ihave train under some different styles since most recent is Shorin Ryu - Shorinkan. Thank you for your time.
3:51am 07-01-2009
Congratulations on a great demo. I´ve just seen the footage and it is a blast to watch. Kudos!!!

Congratulations also to the students that tested in Diamond Bar last weekend.

4:17pm 06-29-2009
Mr. Kongaika
I concur with Mr. Gomez! Great job guys and girls. Also special thanks to Mr. Tan, Mr. Gomez and Mr. Chu for performing a great demo in Santa Clarita on Sunday. We got a lot of positive feed back and left a huge impression on everyone there. Thanks guys.
3:46pm 06-29-2009
Maurice Gomez
Wanted to give huge congrats to those who tested in Diamond Bar this past weekend. I was really impressed with you all. Your promotion was truely deserved.

Congrats to:
David Chang - 3rd Degree Brown Belt
Joseph Peck - Purple Belt
Les Kongaika - Orange Belt
Ryan Peck - Orange Belt
Alvin Waterhouse - Orange Belt

David, i wanted to personally say congrats on your promotion to 3rd Brown. I have watched you grow and have watched you progress within the art. You sir are truely an amazing martial artists and wil go a long way. I am proud of you. Our little sparring session in the end was your final test of strength, heart and courage. I was proud that you didn't back down. That's the heart of a warrior and that's the mentality of a future black belt!!

Job well done guys!

Maurice A. Gomez
9:58am 06-27-2009
Edmond Wong
Hi everyone!

I got caught in the middle of company issue. I will not be able to attend the belt test. Wish you all have a great time and pass the test.

I will come back more often and practice more to be a more subtle Green Belt.

I looking forward to see eveyone promoted to the next belt.
12:04pm 06-16-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Went to the "Western States Police and Fire Games" tournament in Santa Clarita and it was an OK compitition. The numbers were small but the level of compitition was definately up there. Good job to those who competed and helped volunteered.
2:28pm 06-15-2009
lesley kongaika
Just a reminder that there is a test at the end of the month. you should have already started to prepare!!!! keep moving forward!
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