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12:56am 06-13-2009
Maurice Gomez
Just wanted to give my huge congrats to Monrovia's own, Angela Ramirez. She was promoted to her Jr. Green Belt. After several months of hard work, patience and perseverance, I decided to "kick" her to her next level at the end of regular class. It has been a long time coming and most definatly deserved!

Good Job Angela!

Maurice Gomez
6:32am 06-08-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Yes, the kids did very well at the tournament. I was there watching and helping. The did represent us very well. Great job Mr. Gomez. Keep it up Monrovia MAX Dojo!
4:28am 06-08-2009
Congratulations to all the students that did so well during the the Orange County Martial Arts Open. Only 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. What a day for M.A.X. Dojo!!!
2:21pm 06-07-2009
Maurice Gomez
Big congrats to all the Monrovia students for their hard work and representing well at the Orange County Martial Arts Open yesterday:

Michael Garcia : 1st place-Self Defense
Victor Duron: 1st place- self defense & 3rd place- weapons & 3rd place- forms
Daniella Duron: 1st place-self defense & 3rd place sparring
Ali Mendiola: 1st place Self Defense & 1st place sparring
Andrew Mendiola: 2nd place-self defense
Angela Ramirez: 1st place-self defense & 2nd place forms
Lassandra Cook: 2nd place -self defense
Sergio Mendiola:3rd place:self defense

Awesome job guys!!!! Made me proud!!
12:46pm 06-05-2009
Mr. Kongaika
No worries Eric... very well deserved. Also congrats too Marc in Germany. I know what Chris expects and if you passed his test you definately earned it.
11:19am 06-05-2009
eric torres
'' Mr Kongaika ''
Thanks for all you done for the homeis !!!!
'' Your homeboy por vida'' It feels good to wear a new belt after 15 years. Thanks Lelie for the push!!!

Eric Torres...
10:10am 06-05-2009
Maurice Gomez
Congrats to our Germany Family for your recent belt promotions! Great job!
10:24pm 06-03-2009
Chris Mueller
Congrats to Marc Fischer for achieving his new belt!

After a crueling test with lots of sweat and bruises we are very proud of you. Being the only kid amongst a group of adults we are proud that you kept your own and never backed down. That is the attitude we are all striving for. You are now a respected yellow belt and you should be very proud of your achievement.
6:59am 05-07-2009
Pete Brewer
I have my blue belt and would like to know of any traning dvd's to continue my studies. Thank you.
6:54pm 05-02-2009
Scott Hilderbrand
Mr. Kongaika -
Great site! I was surfin' and discovered it. I truly enjoyed the videos. Glad to see you. All my best to you and your family.

God Bless,
Scott Hilderbrand
9:20am 04-13-2009
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRATS Micheal, Victor & Sergio. Very well done.
1:48pm 04-12-2009
Maurice Gomez
Just wanted to give a huge congrats to those that tested yesterday in Monrovia.

Michael Garcia - Jr 1st degree Brown Belt.
Victor Duron Jr. - Teen 3rd Degree Brown Belt.
Sergio Mendiola - Little Tiger Orange Belt.

Everybody did a fantastic job and their promotions were very well deserved

I'm proud of all of you!!
5:27pm 04-09-2009
Mike Pick
Greetings, I was on the internet and did not know this was your website,
very well done, enjoyed the pictures of Ed Parker( in blessed memory).
I pray your family is well and life is full of abundance and love. mrp
12:49am 03-31-2009
Dtaing service? I only see "Hebrew Online"
10:03pm 03-30-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Special Congrats to both Paul Kongaika & Julias Suliafu for being awarded "Student of the Month" today...

Way to show your karate skills outside of the studio guys.
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