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11:17pm 03-28-2009
Good Job peeps! Nicely done..

so now I have to wonder why there is a filipina dating service ad? hmmmm Maurice, something we should know about?

See you guys Monday <3
10:03pm 03-28-2009
Mr. Kongaika
CONGRATS!!! to those who tested today and Wed!!

David Chu - 3rd Brown
Julias Suliafu - 3rd Brown
Rowland Suliafu - 3rd Brown
Raymond Hernandez - Green
Jacob Hayes - Green
Edmond Wong - Blue
Joseph - Orange
Lesley - Yellow
Ryan - Yellow

Great job guys!!
5:45pm 03-23-2009
Thank you for all you do
2:40pm 03-20-2009
Maurice Gomez
Hey everyone, we have a new testimonials page on our website. If any parents and/or students would like to say anything on behalf of any instructor/student or just the school in general, please feel free to do so.

This will give you a chance to express your gratitude to MAX Dojo.

Please send all responses to:

thank you everyone!

Maurice A. Gomez
10:25am 03-09-2009
Maurice Gomez
MAX Dojo of Monrovia is inviting all parents and students to join them at Six Flags Magic Mountain on Sat March 21st, 2009.

Tickets are super cheap! Only $23.50 per ticket. If you are interested in going, please speak to me directly.

Maurice Gomez
2:47am 03-09-2009
Mr. Jonh
Congratulation to all! that's fantastic job!

Mr. Jonh
10:32am 03-01-2009
Maurice Gomez
Indeed it was a great event and ALL the students regardless of placing or not, did a fantastic job.

A few more that need to me mentioned are:

Allie Mendiola, Daniella Duron & Victor Duron - 3rd place Team Sparring (Monrovia)

Allie Mendiola - 2nd Place Sparring (Monrovia)

Victor Duron - 2nd Place Forms (Monrovia)
4:26pm 02-28-2009
Mr. Kongaika

It was a great turn out with over 300 competitors. The biggest fight is with yourself and making yourself enter the ring. All the kids did a fantastic job.

Here are a few of who i know placed. More to come as I find out the rest...

Paul Kongaika - 1st Place Sparring (Diamond Bar)
Raymond Hernandez - 1st Place Sparring (Diamond bar
Victor Duron - 1st Place Sparring (Monrovia)
Jacob Hayes - 3rd Place Sparring (Diamond Bar)
Angela Ramirez - 1st Place Forms (Monrovia)
Michael Garcia - 3rd Place Forms (Monrovia)

8:34am 02-28-2009
If Feb. Kaili Kongaika was chosen by her classmates to be student of the month. This is a great accomplishment because her class consists of 33 students which means that not everyone can get this award. When voting for the winner, the kids had to write comments about Kaili. One of the comments specifically said, " I think Kaili is a good citizen because she never talks behind our back." That made me very proud. Kaili tells me about some of her 4th grade drama and some of her friends email her about other kids they want her to hate. We always try to make sure that she knows not to get involved with other people's issues, never talk behind someone's back, never cause harm or hurt other people's feelings, always stand up for her own convictions, and always take care of her own family. With all the 4th grade drama, we are proud to see that her peers think that she is such a good person known specifically for not talking behind someone else's back.
6:32am 02-27-2009
It's so funny that when I do a computer search for crab mentality "filipino crab mentality" specifically pops up. I find this so true of my culture...I am so embarrassed. This is not true of my whole race, but it is true for most of them. The following is a blog I found:

Is crab mentality distinctively Pinoy?
I have never really given much attention to the term "crab mentality" until of late when I have been a victim of this negative idiosyncrasy myself. It is very disappointing and nauseating to know that there are people who invent situations to make other people look bad. It seems that it is very prevalent among Filipinos and reveals the short-sighted thinking of people who pull other people down, denigrating them rather than helping them achieve their goals.

Have you ever seen a bucket full of crabs? They all know that they will all end up dying in a cauldron of boiling water and eventually at the dinner table, and if a crab attempts to escape at the point of just jumping out the bucket, the other crabs will pull its leg back to the bucket. This metaphor symbolizes the Filipino mindset "if we can't have it, neither can you".

I find it so pathetic when someone tries to inflict unnecessary damage to someone's being, the devastation is not only limited to the target person more so reflects how stumpy the attacker's personality actually is and how badly they drag down the image of the Filipino culture. I am a Filipino who still believes that there are still many who embody a positive attitude and are actually concerned about other people rather than dragging down the whole culture to shame. Sadly, negative images stay in mind.

Why is it so hard for Filipinos to mind their own business? Why is it so hard to accept that someone is better than others? For lack of better things to do, is it becoming a favorite past time? We always claim that we are proud to be Pinoy. Are we proud of the nauseating odor emanating from the Filipino crab mentality syndrome?

Are you still proud to be Pinoy?

I completely agree with this blogger. It's so disappointing for me to find these blogs on the net. I have been too much of a victim to this filipino mindset. My past friends, past in-law, and yes, even my father. Am I proud to be filipino? I wish I could be...but my answer is NO.
6:15am 02-27-2009
A Lesson on Filipino Crab Mentality
Below is a story I read on the blog of Kurma Dasa.
I find that the tale, tall or true as it may be, is one of the best justifications for the Filipino to shed its innate crab mentality all but ingrained into its fiber. Though many feel that this trait is nothing more than that, one that is not harmful or destructive. I beg to disagree, as you will see how much this story below reflects crab mentality in its truest and most common form.

The Brahmana and the Prostitute

Once, near the peaceful village of Vrndavana, the transcendental place where Krsna manifested His pastimes on earth, there lived a scholarly brahmana (priest) and servant of Krsna. Opposite his home, there lived a prostitute.

As a daily observance, the brahmana would sit in his doorway and recite the Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, then cook offering for the Deities in the Temple. His cooking abilities were famous throughout the land. Meanwhile, across the street, the prostitute would tend to her business.

As the years passed, the brahmana grew ever more disturbed by the prostitute.
'Just see how lowly and disgusting she is. How can such a low life ever leave her disgraceful body near the beautiful land of Vrndavana!' He would proudly and arrogantly think this to himself, then continue with his recitation while cooking various preparations.

It so happened that both the brahmana and the prostitute died at the same time. To the brahmana's surprise, the Vishnudutas (the Lord of Vaikuntha's messengers) came to deliver the prostitute while the Yamadutas (the Lord of Death's messengers) came for him.

'What is this'? he protested to the Yamadutas. 'There must be some mistake!'

The Yamadutas replied, 'My dear brahmana, there is no mistake. While you were busy meditating on the lowly activities of the prostitute, she listened to you recite the Gita and prayed that she could one day elevate herself to your position.

In this way the prostitute achieved liberation while you only degraded yourself to take birth on a planet of prostitutes.'

So, my friends, it is very clear as to what extent our ill trait affects each of us, especially on the spiritual level. May this serve as a reminder that all our actions and thoughts DO somehow form what we are and determine what becomes of us in Death.
Let us not look far, for even in the Holy Bible, Jesus Christ saw the same Light in Mary Madalene. So as we look at the people around us, we must see God in each and everyone, lest we fall into the realm of crabs and take birth as one.
6:03pm 02-26-2009
Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Kongaika, Mr. Gomez, Mr Chu,
Thank you Gentleman for coming to Santa Clarita and sharing your time with us. I Know we all were a little nervous but hopefully we didn't let it show to much. Mr Kongakia, I have some pictures of the Surf City tournament and Sundays class/testing. How can I get them to you so all can view?
5:43pm 02-26-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Congrats to those who tested in Santa Clarita.

Pam Stephenson - Orange Belt
Carly Moreno - Blue Belt
1:55pm 02-26-2009
Rich v
See Maurice, told you I'd read your blogs. It's very interesting and I'm proud of how you relate info to your martial arts. Anyway, it was good seeing you Like I said, maybe someday I can go over FMA with you and how it relates, especially FCS. Tuhon Ray & Tuhon Felix will be at our pad for a few days in April. I'll introduce you to them. We'll have a few beers again!

PS. I'll see you at Bob White's tourny!

Rich V. (Manong Rich)
6:39am 02-19-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Mr. Lehano,

Thank you sir for your kind words. We try hard to continue the legacy of Mr. Parker.

Tell Kip I said Hi.
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