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9:26pm 10-19-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Getting ready for fight night tomorrow. It's Battle of the Dojo's in Chino!
9:08pm 10-19-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Yes they were and it went really well. Most of the students that went were 1st timers to enter a tournament and had placed in all categories. Santa Clarita MAX Dojo had a huge support group and it was good to see the spirit of Kenpo. Great job to all those who competed!
2:57am 10-18-2010
Was MAXDojo represented at the IKCs and how did it go?

7:11pm 09-25-2010
Maurice A. Gomez
Congrats Monrovia students on your belt promotions.

Joey Stewart - yellow belt
Alex Dunn - yellow belt
Keith Yount - teen yellow belt.

Wow!! What a performance today. I am so proud of each of you. You Certainly showed your best today and your promotion was very well deserved!

Good job guys!

Maurice Gomez
8:48am 08-26-2010
Maurice Gomez
Just wanted to give a big congrats to my Monrovia Little Dragon student, Christopher Canales for passing his yellow belt test last night. He performed his techniques awesome, short 1 was crisp and knew his Kenpo Creed verbatim. Good job Christopher! You surely made me proud.
11:30pm 08-21-2010
Jo Ann Namm
Mr. K., You rock! I always look forward to class and learning from you. We have quite a family there and it feels like home. Thanks again for all you do and your devotion to your students and kenpo. It's apparent that your love for kenpo is strong and steadfast which is such a pleasure to me.
10:42am 08-11-2010
Mr. Kongaika
The seminar at Mr. Bob Whites studio was a blast. Mr. Downey from Ireland gave a great seminar there about tactical training utilizing grafted techniques and equation formula.

The Internationals in Long Beach was good to attend. We had several students place in various divisions and categories. Special congrats to all those who did a great job representing us.
10:03am 08-11-2010
Mr. Kongaika
It was a blast at your place Chris. Your students are coming along well. Keep up the great work. Pam is doing really good. It's good to see all her students taking Kenpo now too.
4:55pm 08-10-2010
chris moreno
Thanks for coming out last night great class
3:18pm 07-23-2010
sparring with mr. k left me a neverending charlie horse on my right upper thigh since wednesday! i'm still sore! even though he tried not to hurt me...he sure did! was really fun though! you guys who have been wanting to spar really missed out!
2:38pm 07-18-2010
michele brillo
well living in long beach , since 1984 the family including sheri,yvonne,and darlene have been always been thier since the ikc and the tournament.
8:20am 07-07-2010
Mr. Kongaika
Michael, the best gift an instructor can have is a faithful and loyal student and I know that your dedication to Chris and Kenpo is a life long brotherhood and family. Always keep an open mind and make the continued efforts in growing and learning. Bruce Lee said "keep your cup half full" so you will have room for more. Mr. Parker says in the belt promotions, "the last 'L' stands for lots and lots left to learn." stay humble and diligent and you'll progress to no end.
4:36am 07-07-2010
M.A.X. Ger. Michael
Thank you very much for the congrats. My journy never ends. I am so thankful and happy to have the chance to be with Chris on this journey and hopefully soon with you on your "a trip to Germany"!
10:49am 07-06-2010
Maurice Gomez
Congrats to our German Brothers! Job well done! Continue on your journey!
6:05am 07-03-2010
Huge congrats to our German brathas! Keep it up out there guys!
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