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4:28pm 01-15-2010
Happy New Year!

Where are the pictures? Can you update the Gallery?

Love the latest article from Mr. Gomez. Great thoughts!

I'll be back in action next week......Got Final Exam tomorrow....

Can't wait to be back!
5:37am 12-30-2009
Norbert Bosse
Happy New Year to all Kenpoist.
5:04am 12-30-2009
Chris Mueller
Happy New Year to All!!!
8:24am 12-24-2009
Maurice Gomez
Merry Christmas MAX Dojo family!!
8:11am 12-20-2009
Mr. Kongaika

Denis Tan - 3rd Degree Black Belt

Marshal Rao - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Tony Maniscalchi - 2nd Degree Black Belt

Michael Garcia - 1st Degree Black Belt

Chris Guerra - 3rd Degree Brown Belt

It was a gruesome test that lasted for 4 1/2 hours long. The Forms, Techniques & Freestyle Fighting in the end was intense and very impressive. They fought 3 against 1 and it was getting pretty scary. All I have to say is that each one of them can definitely brawl and throw down if needed. I am very proud to call them students and treat them like family.
Great Job and very well deserved.
7:38am 12-20-2009
Christoph Müller
Congrats to all that tested!
Would have loved to see all of in action!!!!
8:58pm 12-18-2009
Jay Brett
Good luck to all those testing in Diamond Bar tomorrow.
10:55pm 12-15-2009
Jay Brett
Sad day for Kenpo 19 years ago today. Mr. Parker was taken from us way too early, but I think were all doing all okay. I still think this site has some of the best Mr. Parker memorabilia photos, but hey, who am I ? I'm biased. JB
3:21pm 10-20-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Congrats to also

David Chu - 2nd place fighting
9:01pm 10-18-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Congrats to the MAX Dojo students that competed at the Internationals in Vegas

Jacob Hayes - 1st place fighting
Kaili Kongaika - 2nd place fighting

1st place team fighting
Paul Kongaika
Jacob Hayes
David Chu

great job guys!
11:24am 10-12-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Looking forward to IKC in Vegas next week! Hopeing to see all my Kenpo brotha's and sista's there world wide.
11:23am 10-12-2009
Mr. Kongaika
Were glad that this site helps with your Kenpo training. Our goal is to furthur promote and perpetuate Ed parker's American Kenpo.

Thanks Dr. Chapel!

Mr. Mueller, Congrats to you and your wify and to your students promotion!
12:26am 10-12-2009
Dr. Ron Chapél
Absolutely outstanding youngman. Great site, great pictures, great family.

4:34am 09-26-2009
Gerard Tomassen
Nice webpage with the ed parkers system
Im doing this system in netherlands and i have full help with this webpage
12:16am 09-05-2009
CONGRATS to Josef Willems for passing his yellow belt exam. Looking good out there!
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